That Long Week Isn’t Over Yet

The mowers are here, finishing up the trimming and cleanup. It’ll be two weeks tomorrow that they mowed the first time this season and it looks really nice again. Everything is so green! It’s been an early, damp Spring and no sign of letup. It’s in the mid 70’s with 61% humidity. Ick. We areContinue reading “That Long Week Isn’t Over Yet”

UFO’s vs. WIP’s

These are UFO’s aka UnFinished Objects/Projects. I haven’t worked on these on a regular basis in a year or longer. I have a summer throw blanket for the youngest grandson…who is now two years old and probably won’t need it now; a ten stitch blanket in DK weight yarn; a ten stitch blanket in purpleContinue reading “UFO’s vs. WIP’s”