A Quiet Autumn Day

It’s 80° and too humid to open the house this morning. We watched several deer wander through the trees and cross the creek heading north. They seemed to be looking around as if to say, “Where’s the grass?” We have a cold front coming and possible rain next week. At this point I’ll believe itContinue reading “A Quiet Autumn Day”

The Morning After

I got a LOT done yesterday and my aging body is telling me about it. I don’t have to look around the house at the lack of dust and clutter and piles of laundry to know what I accomplished. I saved one last load of laundry for this morning so I could wash the clothesContinue reading “The Morning After”

Smart Phones and Old Friends

I haven’t had a call on my cell phone in weeks then out of the blue it rang while I was sorting laundry. I didn’t recognize the number but it was a knitting buddy I haven’t talked to in ages. She also has a new ‘smart’ phone and a new number. We used to meetContinue reading “Smart Phones and Old Friends”

Finished Them All!

Mitch Rapp novels in order: American Assassin, Kill Shot, Transfer of Power, The Third Option, Separation of Power, Executive Power, Memorial Day, Consent to Kill, Act ofTreason, Protect and Defend, Extreme Measures, Pursuit of Honor, The Last Man, The Survivor, Order To Kill, Enemy Of The State, Red War, Lethal Agent, Total Power and EnemyContinue reading “Finished Them All!”

Business As Usual

It’s been a windy day, high in the lower 60’s, with partly cloudy skies. All the cleaning has caught up to me and I’ve been goofing off all day, not having slept well last night. No big deal. I’ll sleep fine tonight. It used to bug me when I had a sleepless night, then IContinue reading “Business As Usual”

Knitting On The Go

I had just finished separating the sleeves from the body, putting those stitches on waste yarn and picking back up with the brown yarn for the rest of the body of the pullover when it was time to head to my doctor’s appointment. I managed to get several more rounds done in the waiting roomContinue reading “Knitting On The Go”

Another Day in Paradise

I was sitting here with my knitting, house open, listening to Brad and his friend James down on the gun range shooting at metal targets late this afternoon when it dawned on me…this really is paradise. Our little corner of Texas, all 85 acres of it, where we can wander where we want on ourContinue reading “Another Day in Paradise”

Two-for Thursday

We had a nice breakfast and now the pantry and the fridge are well stocked. We’ve had the house open all day. As I pulled in the drive coming back from town this morning the mowers were here so our yard looks really nice. I happened to spy our resident Road Runner scurrying around andContinue reading “Two-for Thursday”