Blocked, Ready to Wear

This is a very comfy shawl, soft and drapes well. It’s great to have a finished project out of my own hand-spun yarn. I’m ready for cooler fall weather when it arrives. In the meantime, it’s 100° outside and 73° in the house. We have the ceiling fans running so it’s nice and cool inside.Continue reading “Blocked, Ready to Wear”

Finished Ludlow Shawl

I cast off the shawl yesterday evening and put it in to soak this afternoon. It is currently pinned out on the blocking mats drying on the bed under the ceiling fan . I’ll get another photo after it’s dry. Pinned out it is 72″ across the top edge and 33″ deep from the topContinue reading “Finished Ludlow Shawl”

Just When We Thought The Problem Was Fixed…

So. New battery in the F-150 and all is well. Except, it’s not. I go out to the garage last night to get something out of my SUV and notice that the dash lights on the pickup are on. Hmmm. It started right up this morning and Brad took it back in to the garage.Continue reading “Just When We Thought The Problem Was Fixed…”

Nuisance Phone Calls and A Dead Truck Battery

Today seemed like a good time for a stroll along the creek. It’s a bit cool, but not windy at all. Brad was just heading out of the house to drive to the back of our property to the gun range, came back in and announced that the battery on the F-150 was deader thanContinue reading “Nuisance Phone Calls and A Dead Truck Battery”