Peaceful Day at Home

I spent some time this afternoon and tidied my workroom, put away the clutter, and made more room for my table and the recliner. Now I can get out of the living room occasionally and work on my knitting in here. And I can pull the floor inkle loom up to the straight-back chair andContinue reading “Peaceful Day at Home”

This Might Work

We need a few things that our Denison Albertson’s and Walmart Supercenter don’t have so I used the Walmart app on my new phone and did my online shopping with the Walmart Neighborhood Market across the street from our chiropractor’s office. We will pick up our order after our appointments on Thursday. Ta Da! ItContinue reading “This Might Work”

Back to Work

After taking the weekend off from posting on my blog I am back to work. There’s not been much going on, just puttering around the house and doing a little cooking. I finished the last of the variegated brown/white yarn on the cone and managed a total of four face cloths for Brad’s bath withContinue reading “Back to Work”

NOT Deja Vu, All Over Again, in Texas!

Almost a year ago we had record breaking cold in the state of Texas. We lost six pine trees and had rolling blackouts for two days before the power was back on to stay. That was a couple of months before I started this blog. How time flies! We stayed home today and watched theContinue reading “NOT Deja Vu, All Over Again, in Texas!”

Another Finished Project

I finished the knitted potholder and it measures 8″ along each side. I just took it out of the washer and laid it out to dry. I’ll remeasure after it’s dry. I’m happy with the size of it so far and will make another one to go with it after I finish the crocheted versionContinue reading “Another Finished Project”

Enjoying the Warmth While it Lasts

Caught a nice shot of the moon rising behind the trees just as the sun was setting yesterday evening. It was cooling off fast out there and I snapped a quick pic before getting back to the warm house. Today it’s 60° and sunny and I’m hearing the satisfying sounds of my husband enjoying himselfContinue reading “Enjoying the Warmth While it Lasts”

It’s Still January in Texas

The cold front is here. It’s 32° with a 24 mph wind, which means it feels like 19°. Winter just jumped up to remind Texas that it’s still January. And just look at those nice, taut wires stretched on the new, taller electrical poles. No wires swaying in the wind! The bottom wire is ourContinue reading “It’s Still January in Texas”