It’s A Beautiful Morning!

It’s 81° and mostly sunny this morning. According to the weather dude we should miss the triple digit temps today. I ran water thru the new coffee maker to make sure it’s clean inside then Brad prepped it for a full pot of coffee before heading to town to pick up breakfast croissants for theContinue reading “It’s A Beautiful Morning!”

Frog It!

I had expected to be ready to pick up stitches for the border today but I noticed that I had failed to slip the first stitch in a row…several rows back of course. So. Time to rip out those rows to fix the mistake, also known as frogging. Rip it. Ribbit. Yeah. Frogging. In anyContinue reading “Frog It!”

Unearthed Another UFO

I had started this Ludlow Shawl back when the weather was cold and put it away to work on socks. I was looking for something in one of the baskets in the living room and found this project. Since I’m working on UFO’s it’s perfect. This is some of my hand-spun yarn and it’s allContinue reading “Unearthed Another UFO”

Wind, Allergies, And A Change of Plans

I am so done with wind. There is so much stuff in the air and Brad and I both are battling allergies. Our M.D. called in a steroid dose pack for each of us to stop this crud before it gets worse. Neither of us can afford to end up with respiratory infections. I hadContinue reading “Wind, Allergies, And A Change of Plans”

Windy April Day

The wind is back with a vengeance today. I had to take the flag down before it was ripped off the side of the garage and I closed both overhead doors. I left the north and south side doors open to air out the garage and it looks a little strange not to see myContinue reading “Windy April Day”

Frustration Level Rising

We weathered the storms just fine last night and got a good bit of rain, which we needed. It’s been overcast and in the high 40’s all day. My arthritis has been letting me know that the weather has changed. Again. I’ve been working on this garter stitch potholder and as you can tell IContinue reading “Frustration Level Rising”

Another Perfect Day

It was a quiet day in our little corner of NE Texas. Brad took the grandsons to church and brought us lunch from Panera afterwards. I’ve been reading and knitting, making progress and enjoying the down-time from all the cleaning lately. I actually fell asleep in my recliner and was dead to the world forContinue reading “Another Perfect Day”

So Much For A Winter Storm

We’ve had a little moisture, not much. It’s above freezing now. I guess most of the winter storm went north of us. All in all, it’s been a bit of a blah day here. I’ve finished the last dishcloth and put it in the drawer with the rest of them. That’s eighteen new washcloths forContinue reading “So Much For A Winter Storm”

Still Reading. Still Knitting.

I’ve cleaned out my drawer and have made room for the new dishcloths. I have one more in the lime green to finish and I’ll be through with kitchen dishcloths for now. This will give me eighteen new ones. The old ones are with my cleaning supplies in the pantry. This is my last greenContinue reading “Still Reading. Still Knitting.”

There Is No Local News Anymore

Rant alert! I used to watch the top local news station in our area, KXII, until they went all ‘woke’ with propagating the Left’s lies about Jan 6, 2021. So, I switched my browser homepage to the other local station, KTEN, until they came up with this nonsense: “Fact Check: The various flavors of dishonestyContinue reading “There Is No Local News Anymore”