Time To Slow Down

As you may have already figured out…I love to knit. But the lace patterned green socks took a lot out of me and with the change in weather factored in it’s time for me to slow down a bit and stick to something simple like the stocking stitch cowl. I’m using a 16″ size fourContinue reading “Time To Slow Down”

A Little Taste Of Winter

If we had a fireplace I’d be camped out in front of it, coffee and knitting at hand. There is nothing particularly cozy about central heating but there are no ashes to shovel and there is none of that left-over smoke odor lingering for days on end either. So we’ll just trudge along with ourContinue reading “A Little Taste Of Winter”

Hump Day is Here

Hump Day for most folks means the work week is half over. Even though I haven’t worked outside the home in decades I have to admit that Wednesday is a reminder that the weekend is on the way. As a spinner and fiber enthusiast it reminds me of some yummy fiber in my stash. Namely,Continue reading “Hump Day is Here”

Summer Sweater

I’ve had more thoughts about a summer weight sweater and using what I have in my stash. I bought these skeins of yarn from Jo Dee at Fishknits Yarn that were dyed to be used together, blending from green through burgundy. I want a top-down, raglan sleeve sweater and I think that I can manageContinue reading “Summer Sweater”

Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!

I pray all ya’ll are having a Blessed Christmas with family and friends, eating too much food and playing with the kids and grandkids. It’s 80° here in NE Texas and yes, the A/C is still on. Weird. But such is life! We had Christmas brunch at the Blankenship house, consisting of scrambled eggs withContinue reading “Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!”

A Quiet Day at Home?

What started out as a quiet morning turned into a noisy, distracting afternoon. I was able to have the house open for quite awhile, it’s 72° outside at 3:40 pm. But for the past two hours one of our neighbors to the south and west of us has been target practicing…less than a quarter ofContinue reading “A Quiet Day at Home?”

80° For Christmas? In Texas?

When we think of Christmas in Texas this is what we have in mind. We don’t get much snow to speak of but we do get an occasional ice storm or a bit of freezing rain. Actually, this photo is from November 2019. Still. December…cold weather…yeah, not always. The forecast for Christmas Day in ourContinue reading “80° For Christmas? In Texas?”