June 6th, 1944: 78 Years Ago Today

Seventy-eight years ago today, ten years, four months, and ten days before I was born, the Allies landed at Normandy in France during WWII. Think about that. Only ten years after the invasion, I was born. Not that long in the big scheme of things, folks. It’s been twenty-one years since September 11, 2001. MyContinue reading “June 6th, 1944: 78 Years Ago Today”

Another Finished Object

It’s nice to have a FO (Finished Object) amidst all my UFO’s (UnFinished Objects). I’m still working on the ribbing of two pairs of socks and will finish at least one pair before I start anything else. I finished the knitted potholder Sunday afternoon. The lines on either side where I grafted the openings willContinue reading “Another Finished Object”

Passing On Treasures

While searching through some pattern booklets looking for something that I can’t find, I came across these crochet patterns. I no longer crochet much, at least not doilies anymore, and I’ve offered them to Audrey and the girls. These are small projects and the girls are welcome to dive into my cotton thread stash ifContinue reading “Passing On Treasures”

Coping With Stress

Brad and I have a good life together with nowhere near the levels of stress we’ve had in the past with his job and our individual health and family crises. Part of me is still in the ‘what’s next’ mindset because our lives are so good right now it’s like I’m waiting for something toContinue reading “Coping With Stress”

It’s A Wonderful Life!

I am married to the love of my life, coming up on forty-seven years of marriage in March. I have a gorgeous, talented daughter who has found the love of her life at long last, with a house full of children, living on the family farm and continuing what her grandparents worked so hard toContinue reading “It’s A Wonderful Life!”

Change of Plans

I had planned on starting a pot of chicken soup this morning but got sidetracked with laundry and a couple of other things. Tomorrow is another day. It’s 68° outside and a front is pushing thru. The wind is out of the southeast at the moment and will switch to the northwest later on andContinue reading “Change of Plans”

RED Friday! Remember Everyone Deployed!

It’s a gorgeous day in NE Texas today although a bit humid. No breeze to speak of but with the temperature in the mid 80’s. We both got chiropractic adjustments today and I’ve decided I probably need a new mattress. Time to start shopping. I know it’s not part of a detox diet, but…we hadContinue reading “RED Friday! Remember Everyone Deployed!”

Enjoying Our Saturday Morning

Got a slow start this morning but we have nothing in particular to do or accomplish so we are sitting here in our recliners, sipping the last of our coffee and chatting. Brad and I talk all the time. About all sorts of stuff. I love it when he gets in gear remembering incidents fromContinue reading “Enjoying Our Saturday Morning”