Inclement Weather and Indoor Activities

It stormed off and on most of last night and kept us awake for quite awhile. Just about the time we’d drop back off to sleep we’d wake up to another clap of thunder loud enough to shake the house. It was a wild night to say the least and we had less than anContinue reading “Inclement Weather and Indoor Activities”

Hump Day is Here

Hump Day for most folks means the work week is half over. Even though I haven’t worked outside the home in decades I have to admit that Wednesday is a reminder that the weekend is on the way. As a spinner and fiber enthusiast it reminds me of some yummy fiber in my stash. Namely,Continue reading “Hump Day is Here”

Just When We Thought The Problem Was Fixed…

So. New battery in the F-150 and all is well. Except, it’s not. I go out to the garage last night to get something out of my SUV and notice that the dash lights on the pickup are on. Hmmm. It started right up this morning and Brad took it back in to the garage.Continue reading “Just When We Thought The Problem Was Fixed…”

A Blessed And Peaceful Sunday

Since neither of us is up to going to church yet we are enjoying a quiet day at home. Brad just checked the thermometer outside the living room window and at 11:00 am it’s 94┬░outside with very little breeze blowing. All in all it’s a good day to stay indoors and enjoy the A/C andContinue reading “A Blessed And Peaceful Sunday”

Weaving With Hand-Spun Yarn

On my first trip to DFW Fiber Fest in 2015 I found some gorgeous dyed fiber that I couldn’t resist. It was a blend of wool and silk and spun like a dream. I ended up with a two-ply lace weight yarn that eventually became a woven scarf. I can’t find my notes so IContinue reading “Weaving With Hand-Spun Yarn”