Still Hot in Texas

The break we had from the high heat has passed. It’s windy. It’s over 100° again. But, our propane tank is filled and the Generac is online and ready in case the power goes out, so we are good to go. And here we are starting another month. Not that I miss July one bit,Continue reading “Still Hot in Texas”

Busy Day, Unhappy Pup

Turns out Hava did have a small fracture of her jaw as well as it being dis-located. All is well, except she is frustrated with the muzzle that has to stay on for two weeks. She dislikes having to drink her dinner and she’s tired and frustrated. Brad was busy today, up at 6:00 am,Continue reading “Busy Day, Unhappy Pup”

Busy, Productive Day

Today is Flag Day so this photo seemed appropriate. It’s also President Trump’s 76’th birthday. I had a really good appointment with Jared today. I went in with my neck hurting and not in a particularly good mood and an hour later I left feeling the way I did after our first session. My neckContinue reading “Busy, Productive Day”

Running Errands and Losing My Mind

We had errands to run this morning including a trip to the local Walmart. We’ve mostly been ordering online and then picking up our order but I thought it would be a good idea to get some exercise and do our shopping in person this time. Audrey needed a few things as well so weContinue reading “Running Errands and Losing My Mind”

Aftermath of the Storm

We had some severe weather last night and the storm warning lasted until 1:00 am. There were folks without power, tree limbs down, hail damage all around us but we weathered it well. I took this photo a couple of hours before the storm hit, trying to get a good shot of the setting sunContinue reading “Aftermath of the Storm”

Good Day For Soup

It was cool and windy today so the potato soup was a big hit. I washed and cubed two big baking potatoes, skins on, added chopped celery and red onion and a quart and a half of homemade chicken broth, sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, and a dash of ground chipotle chili pepper. ItContinue reading “Good Day For Soup”

Summer Sweater

I’ve had more thoughts about a summer weight sweater and using what I have in my stash. I bought these skeins of yarn from Jo Dee at Fishknits Yarn that were dyed to be used together, blending from green through burgundy. I want a top-down, raglan sleeve sweater and I think that I can manageContinue reading “Summer Sweater”

Trying To Be Creative

I’ve been thinking about my next project. I really need a summer weight cardigan. I’ve been through these bins several times and I don’t have enough of the same, or suitable yarn, for the project. I’ve thought about trying to combine different yarns but nothing really works for me so far and I’m determined NOTContinue reading “Trying To Be Creative”

And Here We Go…Again!

Our 3-Day forecast as of this morning. Sigh. Looks like the chiropractor appointments and Brad’s dental appointment in the morning will be rescheduled. We’ll wait until the morning to see what it’s like outside. Quite often this stuff misses us and hits SE Oklahoma instead of NE Texas. It’s not unusual for really bad weatherContinue reading “And Here We Go…Again!”

This Might Work

We need a few things that our Denison Albertson’s and Walmart Supercenter don’t have so I used the Walmart app on my new phone and did my online shopping with the Walmart Neighborhood Market across the street from our chiropractor’s office. We will pick up our order after our appointments on Thursday. Ta Da! ItContinue reading “This Might Work”