A Good Day For Cooking

It got up to 73° by 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon and I had the house open while Brad was gone to his appointment. He insisted that there was no need for me to go with him since he would be waiting for a bit until he was ready to leave. In the end it didn’tContinue reading “A Good Day For Cooking”

My Hands Need A Break!

I did it. Both heels are finished and the socks are back on one needle. The rest of it is lace all the way to the top of the sock, but this project is going to go into temporary ‘time-out’ so my hands can recover. I’m not a tight knitter by any means, but sizeContinue reading “My Hands Need A Break!”

Hitchhiker: Knitting and Novel

I decided to take a break from socks for a few days and work on my Hitchhiker shawlette. It’s been quite awhile since I cast on for this project and it’s good for evening knitting and TV watching. While knitting I happened to remember that it’s been ages since I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide ToContinue reading “Hitchhiker: Knitting and Novel”

Bipolar Texas Weather. Again.

Friday, December 3rd. It’s in the mid 60’s, will be in the high 70’s later this afternoon, and it’s trying to rain. In other words, typical NE Texas weather. Somewhere a front is pushing all the warm air ahead of it and we can count on cold weather following it. In the meantime our viewContinue reading “Bipolar Texas Weather. Again.”

Cozy Saturday Afternoon

It’s in the 50’s and sprinkling rain today. Good day to stay in and catch up on chores and do some reading. Brad went out and tied some streamers to the chain at the road to make it more visible. This is how it looks from our perspective. I stood out in the yard northContinue reading “Cozy Saturday Afternoon”

Thinking About Colder Weather

We had a nice, cool day today with plenty of sunshine. In other words, a typical November day for NE Texas. But we have colder weather in the forecast so it’s time to close the vents around the house and cover the water faucets, just in case. Where we live slab foundations are prone toContinue reading “Thinking About Colder Weather”

Feels Like Monday

Monday morning. Seems like I should be doing something, but there is a lack of motivation it seems. Then again, sleeping in the recliner isn’t conducive to the best night’s sleep but it still beats sleeping in an uncomfortable bed. Sigh. I want my new bed. We both do. Yesterday I made the mistake ofContinue reading “Feels Like Monday”