Retirement is Awesome

Some days it’s still hard to believe that Brad is really retired. But, it’s true! I have always been fond of saying that my time is mine to do with what I choose and now Brad can say the same. We rarely need to get up early anymore. We schedule appointments for late morning orContinue reading “Retirement is Awesome”

Battle Won. Frustration Over.

Finished. 7 1/2″ square, 1/2″ thick. I’ll launder it with some of my knitted washcloths but it won’t go in the dryer, I’ll smooth it flat and let it dry. It’s very elastic and plenty thick to prevent burns. Kitchener stitch is a bear using cotton yarn. The bloomin’ stuff just won’t slide through theContinue reading “Battle Won. Frustration Over.”

Frustration Level Rising

We weathered the storms just fine last night and got a good bit of rain, which we needed. It’s been overcast and in the high 40’s all day. My arthritis has been letting me know that the weather has changed. Again. I’ve been working on this garter stitch potholder and as you can tell IContinue reading “Frustration Level Rising”

Another Perfect Day

It was a quiet day in our little corner of NE Texas. Brad took the grandsons to church and brought us lunch from Panera afterwards. I’ve been reading and knitting, making progress and enjoying the down-time from all the cleaning lately. I actually fell asleep in my recliner and was dead to the world forContinue reading “Another Perfect Day”

A New Pattern

I got to thinking about the potholder patterns that I’ve been using and out of the blue I got an idea for another knitted version. I don’t have a long enough circular needle in the size I want to do the Magic Loop cast-on, so I’m using a provisional cast-on and doing garter stitch inContinue reading “A New Pattern”

Business As Usual

It’s been a windy day, high in the lower 60’s, with partly cloudy skies. All the cleaning has caught up to me and I’ve been goofing off all day, not having slept well last night. No big deal. I’ll sleep fine tonight. It used to bug me when I had a sleepless night, then IContinue reading “Business As Usual”

Tweaking A Pattern

I wanted to knit another double-thick potholder and realized that I didn’t write it down in One Note where I keep notes on knitting patterns. Having forgotten that I made a blog post on this pattern, I grabbed a size 7 needle to start another potholder. I finally thought to look back thru my postsContinue reading “Tweaking A Pattern”