Tweaking A Pattern

I decided to try something different with the Swiffer cover and eliminated the tabs and buttons. This one went very quickly and I’m pleased with the result. I did nine repeats instead of seven and added three rows of garter stitch before binding off. I made ties of twisted yarn and just snugged cover upContinue reading “Tweaking A Pattern”

Toe-Up Monkey Socks: Second Attempt

I grabbed some left-over sock yarn for another attempt at knitting the Monkey Socks pattern from the toe up, two at a time. I have two 50+ gram center pull cakes of a discontinued Araucania Ranco sock yarn in 313 Blue that will be perfect for another test knit. The last attempt didn’t work wellContinue reading “Toe-Up Monkey Socks: Second Attempt”

Test Knitting That Failed My Test

Sometime back in 2006 I knitted the first pair of socks I’d done since the 1970’s. All I knew back then was cuff down socks on double pointed needles. I found a pattern online on Knitty by Cookie A. that looked intriguing, Monkey Socks. I grabbed some wool/cotton/nylon blend sock yarn from a yarn shopContinue reading “Test Knitting That Failed My Test”

Fingering Yarn

Most of the knitting items I create are done in fingering yarn, or sock yarn. I prefer my Indy dyed yarns from dyers I trust for making socks, hats, scarves and shawls. Some of the commercial yarns are wool and nylon blends, superwash wool yarns that can be laundered in the washer on hand washContinue reading “Fingering Yarn”

The Sweet Smell of Spring

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out so we’ve been enjoying having the house open again. There has been a nice southerly breeze blowing the scent of privet and honeysuckle in through the open doors and windows. We enjoy it while we can until one of our neighbors decides it’s time to burnContinue reading “The Sweet Smell of Spring”