Enjoying Our Saturday Morning

Got a slow start this morning but we have nothing in particular to do or accomplish so we are sitting here in our recliners, sipping the last of our coffee and chatting. Brad and I talk all the time. About all sorts of stuff. I love it when he gets in gear remembering incidents fromContinue reading “Enjoying Our Saturday Morning”

It’s RED Friday, Remember Everyone Deployed

While we go through our busy days let’s stop and remember our deployed men and women of the United States Military on RED Friday. We owe them much and they need our support. Not much to report on the home front. Still feeling a bit tired from the massage and chiropractic adjustment on Wednesday. WeContinue reading “It’s RED Friday, Remember Everyone Deployed”

The Terminex Dude, Running Errands and Dodging Mask Karens

As I was preparing to leave the house to run errands this morning I heard the driveway alarm go off. Brad had left earlier for a breakfast date with a buddy of his who is a Texas Game Warden so I couldn’t figure out who it might be. I peeked out the window in theContinue reading “The Terminex Dude, Running Errands and Dodging Mask Karens”

Switching Gears

I have three pairs of socks ready to turn the heels and my hands are telling me I need a break from the size 2mm needles so I’m working on Gabriel’s Summer Blanket for the next few days. I have three skeins of this yarn and two other colorways, same yarn, same company. After finallyContinue reading “Switching Gears”

Happy Independence Day Ya’ll

Today we are celebrating the founding of our great country and remembering our ancestors who helped to secure our freedom from oppression and tyranny. I had ancestors who helped chase the Red Coats back across the pond where they belong, as did my husband. Every generation has sons and/or daughters who have served this greatContinue reading “Happy Independence Day Ya’ll”

Family Plans for Independence Day

Some of my best memories are from spending July 4th at the Blankenship farm with Brad and his family. His younger sisters loved planning and setting off fireworks. After his parents had passed away we still spent the holiday with his sisters at the farm. After the youngest sister passed away we sort of lostContinue reading “Family Plans for Independence Day”

“Less Rain For The Next Few Days”

The best the weatherman can do for us is ‘Less rain in the next few days’ so we have that going for us. It’s still too wet to mow and we haven’t even heard from our lawn guys. Hopefully there are some lawns that they are able to mow even when a bit damp unlikeContinue reading ““Less Rain For The Next Few Days””