Busy Day

I spent the better part of my afternoon putting away the clutter in my studio and doing a little excavating for a couple of things I needed. It’s much easier to get around and find what I need as well as having more room to work. I found my large stainless steel dye pot andContinue reading “Busy Day”

Aftermath of the Storm

We had some severe weather last night and the storm warning lasted until 1:00 am. There were folks without power, tree limbs down, hail damage all around us but we weathered it well. I took this photo a couple of hours before the storm hit, trying to get a good shot of the setting sunContinue reading “Aftermath of the Storm”

Home Improvements

This door leading to the utility room and one of the bedroom doors wouldn’t shut properly and were catching at the top of the jamb. Son-in-law David came out with the two older boys and took care of the problem for us. While they were here they loaded the riding mower and a cart thatContinue reading “Home Improvements”

Windy Spring Days and Neighbors Stopping By

So, it’s a gorgeous albeit windy Spring day and I’m sitting in the living room working on my knitting when I hear something outside. Doesn’t sound like a car or a pickup, and whoosh! there goes the neighbor whizzing by the north side of the house in his jitney. He’s down at the shop chattingContinue reading “Windy Spring Days and Neighbors Stopping By”

Trying To Be Creative

I’ve been thinking about my next project. I really need a summer weight cardigan. I’ve been through these bins several times and I don’t have enough of the same, or suitable yarn, for the project. I’ve thought about trying to combine different yarns but nothing really works for me so far and I’m determined NOTContinue reading “Trying To Be Creative”

Where Did March Go?

I happened to glance at the calendar on the wall in the living room and realized…we are almost out of month again. Wow. There goes March! Easter Sunday will arrive before we know it. I think it’s on April 17th this year. It was pretty windy again today so I stayed in the house exceptContinue reading “Where Did March Go?”

Blocked, Dry, Ready to Use

The knitted potholder measures 7.5″ X 7.5″ after washing and laying out to dry. It only lost .5″ so that’s a win for me. I like that it goes more quickly than the crocheted version. I’d like to have three more like it and toss the old, smaller, crocheted ones that are so stained. IContinue reading “Blocked, Dry, Ready to Use”

Taking it Easy

Allergies are kicking my butt this weekend and I had to get my Relief Band out and charge it. Sure helps with the nausea from sinus drainage until my allergy meds can kick in. At least I’m able to enjoy my knitting and reading. Brad’s back down at his shop cleaning and sorting. He’s gotContinue reading “Taking it Easy”