Online Purchases

I laundered the slacks. One pair fits and I’ll keep them. The odor in the pair of brushed denim slacks that fit me the best has not washed out and I ended up putting them out in the garage because I was getting a headache from the smell. I’ve emailed Lands End about returning twoContinue reading “Online Purchases”

Enjoying My Lap Throw

I finished this the first week of August and had planned to add a lace edging but decided to go ahead and give it a soak in Eucalan, lay it out to dry and see what I thought about it. I didn’t stretch it much, just pinned it out to keep it’s shape as itContinue reading “Enjoying My Lap Throw”

Time To Slow Down

As you may have already figured out…I love to knit. But the lace patterned green socks took a lot out of me and with the change in weather factored in it’s time for me to slow down a bit and stick to something simple like the stocking stitch cowl. I’m using a 16″ size fourContinue reading “Time To Slow Down”

Almost There

I’m hoping to finish this pair of socks today. It’s slow going with a lace pattern but very much worth it. I’ve got Pluto TV on Roku streaming while I knit. Midsomer Murders is on. Brad is at the shop tinkering and testing ammo. It’s a gorgeous day here in our little corner of Texas.Continue reading “Almost There”

It’s. Monday. Again.

Long night, not enough sleep. It’s Monday. I need more coffee, dude! Brad is brewing more as I write this. So. Today is Columbus Day. Don’t know what is closed, probably the Post Office, but no one talks about Columbus Day unless it’s because there is a sale going on at a furniture store. PeopleContinue reading “It’s. Monday. Again.”

Fall Is Back

It was in the mid 60’s this morning when we got up and I immediately opened both doors and the living room window. It’s wonderful. It’ll be in the mid 80’s later but we’ll enjoy this while we can. No A/C running. Just the sound of crows calling to one another and the neighbor’s dogContinue reading “Fall Is Back”

Interesting Development

I’m very definitely NOT going to use ribbing on the top of these socks. I gave it a try and it’s too difficult to see the purl stitches. So. Plain stocking stitch it is for the feet on this pair and I’ll just knit a couple of inches of ribbing at the top of theContinue reading “Interesting Development”

Almost Feels Like Autumn

A month from now it will be Autumn and lately it’s like we’re getting a preview of cooler weather. The rain was a nice change and we had more than an inch here. No flash floods, unlike the Dallas area which got hit hard with severe flooding. I could get used to temps in theContinue reading “Almost Feels Like Autumn”

Generator Installation Day!

The guys from Webbs Electric just arrived. It’s 8:45 am. They’ll need to level the spot where we want the Generac and set it in place, then run the electrical cable to the transfer box on the house. It won’t have power until the propane tank and line is installed but Douglas Dist. is waitingContinue reading “Generator Installation Day!”

Another Birthday

Miss Rachel is 13 today. Holy cow! We have another teenager in the family! We’ll bring her out to spend the day with us very soon. It’s been so blooming hot lately that there isn’t much that we can do outdoors, but we can find something to do inside and enjoy the A/C. We hadContinue reading “Another Birthday”