Back In Gear

It’s mostly cloudy and windy today but the sun manages to peek out on occasion. I’m back in the studio getting a little spinning done and getting ready to begin photographing and inventory of my hand-spun yarns. I’m starting with the best stuff and will move onto the rest later. The empty space on theContinue reading “Back In Gear”

It’s Adding Up

You are looking at another 48.56 pounds of spinning fiber. I weighed the contents of one basket, no problem. I weighed the other basket including the contents and then weighed the basket and subtracted the difference. Same with the plastic bin. A lot more there than it appeared to me at the outset. The lighterContinue reading “It’s Adding Up”

Goodbye, January

We are about to say goodbye to January but our chances for icy weather will be around for a bit yet. This photo was taken last February 24th, Brad’s birthday. I half expected to wake up to something similar this morning but we didn’t get the precip that was forecast and it seems to beContinue reading “Goodbye, January”

Inventory Has Begun

I have arranged my bagged fiber on the shelves by vendor and color, mostly. The bottom wooden shelf is nothing but fiber from Allons-Y! Fiber Arts and I have two more partially spun bags off to the right of this photo also from Bethanne. Most of her braids are at least five ounces and aContinue reading “Inventory Has Begun”