I’m Done Now. Really.

So, Brad asked me earlier if I wanted to get rid of that brown recliner and I thought about it, realized I am not using it. It’s not that comfortable for me because the seat is not firm enough. The chair is now out of the studio and I’ve moved things around yet again! IContinue reading “I’m Done Now. Really.”

Peaceful Day at Home

I spent some time this afternoon and tidied my workroom, put away the clutter, and made more room for my table and the recliner. Now I can get out of the living room occasionally and work on my knitting in here. And I can pull the floor inkle loom up to the straight-back chair andContinue reading “Peaceful Day at Home”

Another Finished Project

I finished the knitted potholder and it measures 8″ along each side. I just took it out of the washer and laid it out to dry. I’ll remeasure after it’s dry. I’m happy with the size of it so far and will make another one to go with it after I finish the crocheted versionContinue reading “Another Finished Project”

Keeping Fit for Fiber Arts

My neck and shoulders have been bothering me lately so I went to see my chiropractor. I was concerned that I was developing arthritis in my shoulders and he gave me an evaluation and tested my range of motion in both arms. His diagnosis is pinched nerves due to poor posture. I’m letting my shouldersContinue reading “Keeping Fit for Fiber Arts”

Dusting off the Inkle Looms

I’ve got three of my looms warped and in progress…for longer than I care to remember. I love having the wire racks in my workroom and being able to see what is on the shelves, but on the negative side there is the dust factor. I’m planning a cover for the floor inkle loom andContinue reading “Dusting off the Inkle Looms”

Mommy, It’s Hoomid Outside!

Got up this morning and started a pot of coffee and decided I should go ahead and open the side doors to the garage and get some fresh air circulating out there only to discover that although the air is somewhat fresh it is absolutely hoomid as our daughter would say when she was aboutContinue reading “Mommy, It’s Hoomid Outside!”