It’s November!

Here we are, starting another month. Yesterday was All Hallows Eve, today is All Saints Day and tomorrow is All Souls Day. The nights are getting colder but we still have the windows open by lunchtime. BBC America has been showing Doctor Who episodes and I’ve watched a couple of them that I liked andContinue reading “It’s November!”

Small Inconveniences

We went to town for an afternoon appointment yesterday and when we got home we had no TV cable connection. We have internet, but no cable TV. Not a big thing since we can still watch streaming video via Roku and a repair person will be out sometime this morning. We watched the second episodeContinue reading “Small Inconveniences”

Knitting at the Coffee Shop

The baked oatmeal and an Americano was just the thing to get me going yesterday morning. It was a bit cool outside, 61° and no breeze to speak of, clear sky, sunny. CJ’s is a great spot to enjoy breakfast, or lunch, and a wonderful cup of coffee. They roast their own coffee beans! ThisContinue reading “Knitting at the Coffee Shop”

Almost There

I’m two inches into the last mini skein for the sampler scarf and will have it finished today. When I get through with this I’ll go back to knitting dishcloths for Audrey’s kitchen now that I have the variegated denim blue coned cotton. I have two shades of solid denim blue yarn as well asContinue reading “Almost There”

Thank God for A/C!

So much for having the windows and doors open to enjoy the Fall breeze. The temps are climbing into the 80’s which isn’t horrible but the humidity is high and we are once again enjoying the pleasures of having the A/C running. Whew. We have a chance of showers in the next couple of daysContinue reading “Thank God for A/C!”

Looking Ahead, Getting Prepared

In an attempt to avoid another catastrophic event like the one we Texans had to endure in February of this year we are making plans for a whole house generator. We are looking at a Generac Guardian 24kW system. It will require propane so we need to have a propane tank installed. It will runContinue reading “Looking Ahead, Getting Prepared”

Oops! Lost a Day!

I got busy yesterday, was butting heads with my laptop, and totally forgot to post something on my blog. I think I may have made a huge mistake, but I backed up everything on my laptop to One Drive and now it is ‘syncing’ all my files. Ahem. I hope I haven’t messed things up.Continue reading “Oops! Lost a Day!”

A New Place to Eat!

There is a new eatery in town and we’ve been meaning to stop by and check out Frank and Lola’s Bohemian Tacos. I had the smoked chicken tacos on flour tortillas and Brad had the brisket on flour tortillas. Oh. My. Word. Absolutely the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. Anywhere. And that includes my ownContinue reading “A New Place to Eat!”