4th Day of Christmas

Trying to be upbeat today. It’s not working very well, but I’m focusing on the fact that this is the 4th Day of Christmas. It isn’t over yet, just remember our blessings! Bottom line, not enough sleep. Added to the fact that the electric coop guys have been out at the road for a coupleContinue reading “4th Day of Christmas”

Late Post

It’s nearly 5:45 pm and it’s been a long, dreary day. Brad is back at his church for their Christmas program and I’m contemplating a hot cup of coffee. The temperature finally dropped back to a more normal level for this time of the year, we woke up to a cool house and switched fromContinue reading “Late Post”

Digging the Staycation

I was right about the allergy thing. Woke up congested and feeling like crud. Didn’t get lunch prepared but Brad brought me the chopped steak plate from Culver’s on his way home from the farm after church. He had a hamburger and their delicious fries. We’ll probably have left-over tuna casserole for dinner later thisContinue reading “Digging the Staycation”