I Love Wool

Wool is my favorite fiber. I wear it year round, even in summer. I tossed all my commercial cotton blend socks years ago and began wearing my hand-knit wool/nylon blend socks exclusively. In the past several years I’ve found it necessary to wear compression stockings sometimes for weeks on end when my left ankle andContinue reading “I Love Wool”

Socks, Socks and More Socks

I finished a pair of socks in Malabrigo yarn, Tiziana Red colorway, that had been lurking with some other UFO projects. Two of those other projects were also socks. Yesterday I found another UFO in a basket in the workroom/studio. You guessed it. Another pair of socks. That’s them on the right. Another skein ofContinue reading “Socks, Socks and More Socks”

Worsted Yarn

My favorite commercial worsted weight yarn is Cascade 220, 100% wool yarn. It is not super wash and needs careful handling but is well worth the extra care. I’ve done hats and scarves and French Press cozies out of it and my largest to date project is an afghan I made for Brad in miteredContinue reading “Worsted Yarn”

Fingering Yarn

Most of the knitting items I create are done in fingering yarn, or sock yarn. I prefer my Indy dyed yarns from dyers I trust for making socks, hats, scarves and shawls. Some of the commercial yarns are wool and nylon blends, superwash wool yarns that can be laundered in the washer on hand washContinue reading “Fingering Yarn”

A Blessed And Peaceful Sunday

Since neither of us is up to going to church yet we are enjoying a quiet day at home. Brad just checked the thermometer outside the living room window and at 11:00 am it’s 94┬░outside with very little breeze blowing. All in all it’s a good day to stay indoors and enjoy the A/C andContinue reading “A Blessed And Peaceful Sunday”

Weaving With Hand-Spun Yarn

On my first trip to DFW Fiber Fest in 2015 I found some gorgeous dyed fiber that I couldn’t resist. It was a blend of wool and silk and spun like a dream. I ended up with a two-ply lace weight yarn that eventually became a woven scarf. I can’t find my notes so IContinue reading “Weaving With Hand-Spun Yarn”

More Rain, More Knitting…And A Detour To The ER

I give up. It’s never going to stop raining long enough to get the yard mowed again. At least that how it seems so far. It’s been at least a month since it was mowed and it’s been raining enough to keep the ground too wet to mow for that entire time. Even for TexasContinue reading “More Rain, More Knitting…And A Detour To The ER”