Peaceful Day at Home

I spent some time this afternoon and tidied my workroom, put away the clutter, and made more room for my table and the recliner. Now I can get out of the living room occasionally and work on my knitting in here. And I can pull the floor inkle loom up to the straight-back chair andContinue reading “Peaceful Day at Home”

Blocked, Dry, Ready to Use

The knitted potholder measures 7.5″ X 7.5″ after washing and laying out to dry. It only lost .5″ so that’s a win for me. I like that it goes more quickly than the crocheted version. I’d like to have three more like it and toss the old, smaller, crocheted ones that are so stained. IContinue reading “Blocked, Dry, Ready to Use”

Enjoying the Warmth While it Lasts

Caught a nice shot of the moon rising behind the trees just as the sun was setting yesterday evening. It was cooling off fast out there and I snapped a quick pic before getting back to the warm house. Today it’s 60° and sunny and I’m hearing the satisfying sounds of my husband enjoying himselfContinue reading “Enjoying the Warmth While it Lasts”