June 6th, 1944: 78 Years Ago Today

Seventy-eight years ago today, ten years, four months, and ten days before I was born, the Allies landed at Normandy in France during WWII. Think about that. Only ten years after the invasion, I was born. Not that long in the big scheme of things, folks. It’s been twenty-one years since September 11, 2001. MyContinue reading “June 6th, 1944: 78 Years Ago Today”

Good Friday

Holy Week tends to find me in a reflective mood, grateful for our Savior and the sacrifice He made for us, striving to be a better Catholic and follow more closely in His footsteps. It’s so easy to whine and complain about the small stuff and to think that the big stuff is the endContinue reading “Good Friday”

Lifestyle Changes and Progress

I’m working on changing my sedentary lifestyle and I’ve got the perfect surroundings to accomplish that feat without even leaving home. We have a gate which consists of a pipe bar that we use as a barrier to keep people from coming down our driveway at night. We’re going to swap the pipe out forContinue reading “Lifestyle Changes and Progress”

Living in the Present

It is so easy to become discouraged these days. Just watch the news, become absorbed in social media and there is no way to avoid all the conflict and distractions. If we refuse to become incensed about a particular outrage or other then we are sure to be targeted and called names. I’ve written aboutContinue reading “Living in the Present”

Be Not Afraid

There is so much negative in the news these days. CRT, Covid-19-God-only-knows-what-strain-next, prices going up, threats of door to door visits from the government, citizens in custody for simply being at the Capitol on Jan 6th, voter fraud, BLM, Antifa, Pope Francis trying to help ring in the New World Order, human trafficking, drug cartelsContinue reading “Be Not Afraid”

My “Yes” to God

Right after Easter in 1995 I found myself sitting in my Disciples of Christ church wondering what was missing from my life. I was active there, sang in the choir and attended Bible study for years. My mother had grown up in the same church, as did my mother-in-law. My parents were married in theContinue reading “My “Yes” to God”