Grateful For Our Blessings

Our Texas weather still thinks it’s summer with temps in the 90’s for some days to come. Small discomfort since our home is cool and dry. All is well at the family farm. Hava and Magen have settled in, although they wake in the middle of the night, as does baby Gabriel when he hearsContinue reading “Grateful For Our Blessings”

Still Feels Like Summer

It’s almost 8 pm, 85° with barely a breath of air moving outside this evening. I know our weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but this is almost the middle of May and it’s a bit warm for this time of the year. Thank goodness we upgraded our A/C two years ago. Well,Continue reading “Still Feels Like Summer”

It’s Monday…

Been UA (Unauthorized Absence) for a few days. Yeah, the military doesn’t use AWOL anymore. So. I’m back. And, no. I’m not in the military, but my dad was, as were most of my cousins, several uncles, my father-in-law and my daughter, so. There you have it. I tend to use military acronyms for everydayContinue reading “It’s Monday…”

More Storms and Our Search for Doggos

We had another round of storms last night about midnight. I really, really, really hope we are done for awhile. In any case, a cool front came through with that band of storms and it was 51° this morning at 7:00 am. I let Brad sleep in and after he got up he went inContinue reading “More Storms and Our Search for Doggos”

Passing On Treasures

While searching through some pattern booklets looking for something that I can’t find, I came across these crochet patterns. I no longer crochet much, at least not doilies anymore, and I’ve offered them to Audrey and the girls. These are small projects and the girls are welcome to dive into my cotton thread stash ifContinue reading “Passing On Treasures”

End of the Month, End of the Day

It’s after 10:00 pm, last day of March. The wildlife was out at dusk and I can hear the barred owls now. I’ve been busy all day and just realized I hadn’t posted anything. I finished my first purple variegated washcloth as well as “Separation of Power” by Vince Flynn. The secret is out andContinue reading “End of the Month, End of the Day”

Multiple Knitting Projects

In addition to the blue/green Malabrigo socks I have a pair of denim blue socks in Trekking yarn that need the ribbing finished as well. It’s a finer yarn and not something that is enjoyable to work on late at night. I save this project for better light during the day. And, while looking forContinue reading “Multiple Knitting Projects”

Good News

Zev, aka Doofus Dog, is improving! We’ve been praying for him pretty hard for the past couple of days and Audrey called to let us know he’s doing better. Huge sigh of relief! We are all so attached to that lovable guy. And he loves his Grandma! His sister, Waya, is more attached to Brad.Continue reading “Good News”