I’m Done Now. Really.

So, Brad asked me earlier if I wanted to get rid of that brown recliner and I thought about it, realized I am not using it. It’s not that comfortable for me because the seat is not firm enough. The chair is now out of the studio and I’ve moved things around yet again! IContinue reading “I’m Done Now. Really.”

Another Finished Project

I finished the knitted potholder and it measures 8″ along each side. I just took it out of the washer and laid it out to dry. I’ll remeasure after it’s dry. I’m happy with the size of it so far and will make another one to go with it after I finish the crocheted versionContinue reading “Another Finished Project”

Switching Gears

I have three pairs of socks ready to turn the heels and my hands are telling me I need a break from the size 2mm needles so I’m working on Gabriel’s Summer Blanket for the next few days. I have three skeins of this yarn and two other colorways, same yarn, same company. After finallyContinue reading “Switching Gears”

Weaving With Hand-Spun Yarn

On my first trip to DFW Fiber Fest in 2015 I found some gorgeous dyed fiber that I couldn’t resist. It was a blend of wool and silk and spun like a dream. I ended up with a two-ply lace weight yarn that eventually became a woven scarf. I can’t find my notes so IContinue reading “Weaving With Hand-Spun Yarn”

Mommy, It’s Hoomid Outside!

Got up this morning and started a pot of coffee and decided I should go ahead and open the side doors to the garage and get some fresh air circulating out there only to discover that although the air is somewhat fresh it is absolutely hoomid as our daughter would say when she was aboutContinue reading “Mommy, It’s Hoomid Outside!”