Soup, At Last

I got the Black Bean Soup started and simmering about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and took it off the burner at 6 pm after enough of the broth had reduced. I froze half of it and put the other half in the fridge. We had a late lunch that was very filling and we only hadContinue reading “Soup, At Last”

Another Frosty Morning

The sun is almost over the tops of the trees, the ground is covered with frost and it’s 33° this morning. A perfect January morning. A perfect Saturday morning. Brad will start the coffee in a few minutes and we’ll have our breakfast and plan the day. He has a couple of errands in townContinue reading “Another Frosty Morning”

About Those Wooden Knitting Needles…

They are pretty, aren’t they? I kept thinking about what I mentioned before about knitting a scarf using a pair of these. I cast on with a fine yarn in a cotton/acrylic blend that had a bit of a mohair look to it. Yeah. That isn’t going to work. My hands don’t like the yarnContinue reading “About Those Wooden Knitting Needles…”

Another Warm Day In January

Does anyone else have knitting needles that they don’t use but keep because they’re pretty? I use circular needles and have for many years. I passed all of my old aluminum straight needles to Audrey and the girls but I’ve held onto these wooden needles and a crochet hook. I keep them in this littleContinue reading “Another Warm Day In January”

One, More, Pair…

I’ve been working on the pair of lacy socks. I love the simple pattern and all, but it’s slow going and my wrists hurt after about an hour of knitting. I’ve added another inch to the cuff but needed a break and I really, really want to work on another pair of simple, stocking stitchContinue reading “One, More, Pair…”

Happy Roc Day!

Today is Roc Day, or St. Distaff’s Day. Time to get back to work after the Christmas holiday. I still have an ounce to spin to finish the first bobbin of BFL/Tussah Silk I’ve been working on. I’ll stick to that for the time being instead of ‘sampling’ a different fiber for the fun ofContinue reading “Happy Roc Day!”

11th Day of Christmas

Getting close to the end of the 12 Days of Christmas! Epiphany is January 6th and Roc Day will be January 7th and I’ll get back to spinning. In the meantime… B.J. is hard at work loading the huge pine logs into a trailer to be hauled off. Well, actually…he already sent one load offContinue reading “11th Day of Christmas”

10th Day of Christmas

So, the double-thick, long scarf was sailing right along. Then I noticed that the partial skein of yarn I was using was going much further than I had imagined it would. In fact, it was beginning to look like a rather nice bag! So, I did a YO, K2 together to make the eyelet holesContinue reading “10th Day of Christmas”

9th Day of Christmas

We started the year off with 70°, sunny and the house open to a light breeze. Even for Texas this is unusual weather. It’s cloudy today, in the low 60’s with thunderstorms on the way. The temps will stay in the 60’s and 70’s for the next couple of days. I picked out a fewContinue reading “9th Day of Christmas”

6th Day of Christmas

The clouds have cleared, the sun is out, it’s 51° and looks to be a gorgeous day. We had a young man out yesterday to talk about getting rid of a pile of mulch and more than a dozen large sections of pine tree trunks that have been piled on the north side of ourContinue reading “6th Day of Christmas”