A Day Of Rest

Brad is at church with the grandchildren. I’m still battling allergies but I think I’m beginning to win the battle and stay out of the doctor’s office this time. House is clean and tidy, beds made, etc. I’m having yogurt, an English muffin and French press coffee. The Cat Turd mugs are in the dishwasherContinue reading “A Day Of Rest”

There Is No Local News Anymore

Rant alert! I used to watch the top local news station in our area, KXII, until they went all ‘woke’ with propagating the Left’s lies about Jan 6, 2021. So, I switched my browser homepage to the other local station, KTEN, until they came up with this nonsense: “Fact Check: The various flavors of dishonestyContinue reading “There Is No Local News Anymore”

Happy Grandson

He loves it! Grandson Joshua is very pleased with his gift and wants to know when he can come out to our house to visit…and can he bring his wand. I stopped by the farm this afternoon to drop some stuff off for Audrey and they all seem to be doing just fine. I’m happyContinue reading “Happy Grandson”

It’s Still January in Texas

The cold front is here. It’s 32° with a 24 mph wind, which means it feels like 19°. Winter just jumped up to remind Texas that it’s still January. And just look at those nice, taut wires stretched on the new, taller electrical poles. No wires swaying in the wind! The bottom wire is ourContinue reading “It’s Still January in Texas”

A Blessed Monday Morning

Greetings, friends! It’s a gorgeous, sunny, crisp day in NE Texas this morning. We are enjoying some actual winter-like weather after weeks of very warm, fall-like weather. Brad and I slept in this morning. He woke me up making coffee. The neighbors dog barked her head off until after 2 am. Such is life. IContinue reading “A Blessed Monday Morning”

Taking it Easy

Allergies are kicking my butt this weekend and I had to get my Relief Band out and charge it. Sure helps with the nausea from sinus drainage until my allergy meds can kick in. At least I’m able to enjoy my knitting and reading. Brad’s back down at his shop cleaning and sorting. He’s gotContinue reading “Taking it Easy”