The Best Laid Plans…

So, things didn’t go according to plan yesterday. First of all, I intended to have the house open and enjoying fresh air and a nice breeze. Except it was impossible to ignore the awful stench wafting up from the creek…something with mange is prowling around out there. Possibly a scabrous coyote. Nothing, absolutely nothing, isContinue reading “The Best Laid Plans…”

October Morning

I managed to get this shot of the sun starting to peek through the trees along the creek before 8 am this morning. The days are getting shorter and I’m looking forward to getting off of daylight saving time. I wish we could just ditch the twice yearly time change altogether and stop the “springContinue reading “October Morning”

There Goes Another Month

So, here we are. It’s the last day of September. How did that happen? Wow. I’ve been busy and it just sort of snuck up on me. It’s 56° outside this morning and not a breath of air moving around out there. The sun is just clearing the tops of the trees and it looksContinue reading “There Goes Another Month”

No Desk Yet, But…

The guys from Furniture Row arrived yesterday evening and we were expecting this table as well as the desk that will serve as my sewing table. No. Desk. It hasn’t arrived yet. Odd that no one at the store thought to let us know that all we were getting was the small table. I’m aContinue reading “No Desk Yet, But…”

Happy Birthday Jacob

Our grandson, Jacob, is nine years old today. That doesn’t seem possible. We’ll have him out for the day soon, maybe take him to Chick Fil A for lunch. He was used to being the youngest until his baby brother arrived nearly two years ago. Now he gets to be a big brother to Gabriel.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Jacob”

Prepping For Wednesday

The plastic shelves are in the dining room waiting for a new home. The portable table is cleared, folded up, and waiting for Brad to take it to the shop for a shooting bench. The only thing I need to do is move the stuff sitting near the window out of the way so theContinue reading “Prepping For Wednesday”

Fall Is Back

It was in the mid 60’s this morning when we got up and I immediately opened both doors and the living room window. It’s wonderful. It’ll be in the mid 80’s later but we’ll enjoy this while we can. No A/C running. Just the sound of crows calling to one another and the neighbor’s dogContinue reading “Fall Is Back”

Time For A Staycation

We’ve both had about all the housecleaning we, or our sinuses, can stand for the time being so we’re taking the weekend off from Fall Cleaning. I’m on the verge of a sinus/ear infection and taking homeopathics to keep it under control. Time to enjoy what we’ve accomplished around the house and get some restContinue reading “Time For A Staycation”

Lost Track of Time

I’ve been doing a little more work in my studio the past several days, can’t believe it’s been three days since I wrote something. I reversed the position of the yarn winder and the swift so it’s more comfortable when I wind off a skein of yarn. I can leave the table out away fromContinue reading “Lost Track of Time”

And…The A/C Is Back On!

We enjoyed a couple of days of having the house open and fresh air circulating but it’s back to A/C for awhile. Not surprising. There is a bit of a breeze out there but it’s back to 90° for a bit longer. Brad was gone most of yesterday and I kept busy puttering around theContinue reading “And…The A/C Is Back On!”