It Was Only 106° Today

It wasn’t quite as hot today, just up to 106° and at 9:30 pm it’s 93°. We had overcast skies as evening came on, some thunder off in the distance, but as far as I know we haven’t had a drop of rain. Hava got her muzzle off this morning and she has some soreContinue reading “It Was Only 106° Today”

Running Errands and Losing My Mind

We had errands to run this morning including a trip to the local Walmart. We’ve mostly been ordering online and then picking up our order but I thought it would be a good idea to get some exercise and do our shopping in person this time. Audrey needed a few things as well so weContinue reading “Running Errands and Losing My Mind”

Hands Need A Break

The brown one is finished and I’m dreading going back to work on the blue one with the smaller hook, so I’ll probably unravel it and start over later with the size H hook. I decided against washing this first. It’s plenty thick and I don’t foresee a problem but next time I’ll make aContinue reading “Hands Need A Break”

Grandad’s Day Out With The Boys

Brad picked up the two older grandsons today and ran errands then took them to Chick Fil A for lunch before bringing them out to our house for the afternoon. They got to go to two gun shops and were thrilled. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and perfect for them to come out toContinue reading “Grandad’s Day Out With The Boys”

It’s November!

Here we are, starting another month. Yesterday was All Hallows Eve, today is All Saints Day and tomorrow is All Souls Day. The nights are getting colder but we still have the windows open by lunchtime. BBC America has been showing Doctor Who episodes and I’ve watched a couple of them that I liked andContinue reading “It’s November!”

Looking Ahead, Getting Prepared

In an attempt to avoid another catastrophic event like the one we Texans had to endure in February of this year we are making plans for a whole house generator. We are looking at a Generac Guardian 24kW system. It will require propane so we need to have a propane tank installed. It will runContinue reading “Looking Ahead, Getting Prepared”

Feels Like Monday

Monday morning. Seems like I should be doing something, but there is a lack of motivation it seems. Then again, sleeping in the recliner isn’t conducive to the best night’s sleep but it still beats sleeping in an uncomfortable bed. Sigh. I want my new bed. We both do. Yesterday I made the mistake ofContinue reading “Feels Like Monday”