October Morning

I managed to get this shot of the sun starting to peek through the trees along the creek before 8 am this morning. The days are getting shorter and I’m looking forward to getting off of daylight saving time. I wish we could just ditch the twice yearly time change altogether and stop the “springContinue reading “October Morning”

A Quiet Autumn Day

It’s 80° and too humid to open the house this morning. We watched several deer wander through the trees and cross the creek heading north. They seemed to be looking around as if to say, “Where’s the grass?” We have a cold front coming and possible rain next week. At this point I’ll believe itContinue reading “A Quiet Autumn Day”

Interesting Development

I’m very definitely NOT going to use ribbing on the top of these socks. I gave it a try and it’s too difficult to see the purl stitches. So. Plain stocking stitch it is for the feet on this pair and I’ll just knit a couple of inches of ribbing at the top of theContinue reading “Interesting Development”


My favorite irises have finally bloomed! I brought these home from the family farm many years ago, some that my mother-in-law grew in her yard. I think of her every time I see iris in bloom. Continuing my purple theme is the finished hand towel for my bathroom. It’s perfect and I’ll probably make anotherContinue reading “Purple!”

More Storms and Our Search for Doggos

We had another round of storms last night about midnight. I really, really, really hope we are done for awhile. In any case, a cool front came through with that band of storms and it was 51° this morning at 7:00 am. I let Brad sleep in and after he got up he went inContinue reading “More Storms and Our Search for Doggos”

Wind, Allergies, And A Change of Plans

I am so done with wind. There is so much stuff in the air and Brad and I both are battling allergies. Our M.D. called in a steroid dose pack for each of us to stop this crud before it gets worse. Neither of us can afford to end up with respiratory infections. I hadContinue reading “Wind, Allergies, And A Change of Plans”

Love A Thunderstorm

I’ve always loved thunderstorms, even as a little girl. We’ve got quite a nice storm going on in our area right now. We need the rain. Audrey needs to get the hay field fertilized…talk about sticker shock…and this rain will help get the ground ready for it. She’s keeping the cattle off of the pasturesContinue reading “Love A Thunderstorm”