Passing On Treasures

While searching through some pattern booklets looking for something that I can’t find, I came across these crochet patterns. I no longer crochet much, at least not doilies anymore, and I’ve offered them to Audrey and the girls. These are small projects and the girls are welcome to dive into my cotton thread stash ifContinue reading “Passing On Treasures”

Winter Storm Coming

It’s getting cold. The wind has picked up, the sun has set and it was looking like winter out there the last time I looked. It drizzled on us a bit when we were in town earlier for appointments and errands but the temps stayed above freezing while we got things done, fortunately. We madeContinue reading “Winter Storm Coming”

Hands Need A Break

The brown one is finished and I’m dreading going back to work on the blue one with the smaller hook, so I’ll probably unravel it and start over later with the size H hook. I decided against washing this first. It’s plenty thick and I don’t foresee a problem but next time I’ll make aContinue reading “Hands Need A Break”

Grandad’s Day Out With The Boys

Brad picked up the two older grandsons today and ran errands then took them to Chick Fil A for lunch before bringing them out to our house for the afternoon. They got to go to two gun shops and were thrilled. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and perfect for them to come out toContinue reading “Grandad’s Day Out With The Boys”

It’s A Lovely Monday!

It’s another gorgeous day in our little corner of Texas. Sunny, cloudless sky, about 50° and climbing. I’m hoping to be able to open the house later and chase the dust bunnies out from under the furniture. I woke up sans allergy symptoms and ready to take on the day. Brad is off to hisContinue reading “It’s A Lovely Monday!”

A Quiet Sunday

Haven’t done much today except the daily essentials like bed making, tidying up the kitchen and a couple of other things. Been battling nausea all day from the sinus drainage so I grabbed my Relief Band and it’s much better. The tricky part is making sure I get my vitamins and I need food onContinue reading “A Quiet Sunday”

Blocked, Dry, Ready to Use

The knitted potholder measures 7.5″ X 7.5″ after washing and laying out to dry. It only lost .5″ so that’s a win for me. I like that it goes more quickly than the crocheted version. I’d like to have three more like it and toss the old, smaller, crocheted ones that are so stained. IContinue reading “Blocked, Dry, Ready to Use”

Another Finished Project

I finished the knitted potholder and it measures 8″ along each side. I just took it out of the washer and laid it out to dry. I’ll remeasure after it’s dry. I’m happy with the size of it so far and will make another one to go with it after I finish the crocheted versionContinue reading “Another Finished Project”

Arctic Cold Front is Here

This photo was taken several years ago, fortunately nothing like this is in our forecast, just high winds and below freezing temps. It’s a little after 7 pm and I just switched the heat pump over to emergency heat. It’s down to 37°. It was a nice day with sunny skies. Then the clouds movedContinue reading “Arctic Cold Front is Here”