10th Day of Christmas

So, the double-thick, long scarf was sailing right along. Then I noticed that the partial skein of yarn I was using was going much further than I had imagined it would. In fact, it was beginning to look like a rather nice bag! So, I did a YO, K2 together to make the eyelet holesContinue reading “10th Day of Christmas”

7th Day of Christmas And The End Of Another Year

We start off the day with the fact that it is the 7th Day of Christmas and later tonight we will be celebrating New Year’s Eve. It’s a quiet day here in our little corner of Texas. No parties, no platters of food, just life as usual but we’re taking time to remember the dayContinue reading “7th Day of Christmas And The End Of Another Year”

6th Day of Christmas

The clouds have cleared, the sun is out, it’s 51° and looks to be a gorgeous day. We had a young man out yesterday to talk about getting rid of a pile of mulch and more than a dozen large sections of pine tree trunks that have been piled on the north side of ourContinue reading “6th Day of Christmas”

4th Day of Christmas

Trying to be upbeat today. It’s not working very well, but I’m focusing on the fact that this is the 4th Day of Christmas. It isn’t over yet, just remember our blessings! Bottom line, not enough sleep. Added to the fact that the electric coop guys have been out at the road for a coupleContinue reading “4th Day of Christmas”

Thunderstorms On The Way

It’s 65° and solid overcast this morning. The temperature will begin to drop soon and the storms will be rolling in. There’s been some fog in the area but it doesn’t seem to be very thick where we are. It’s a good day to stay home and knit. Brad is having breakfast with a gameContinue reading “Thunderstorms On The Way”

A Good Day For Cooking

It got up to 73° by 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon and I had the house open while Brad was gone to his appointment. He insisted that there was no need for me to go with him since he would be waiting for a bit until he was ready to leave. In the end it didn’tContinue reading “A Good Day For Cooking”

Early Mornings

I’m waking up earlier in the mornings than usual for some reason lately. I like early mornings but I’ve not been much of a morning person most of my life. Maybe that is changing. I like seeing the sun coming up behind the trees when the skies aren’t overcast. We don’t get much of aContinue reading “Early Mornings”

Another Cowl And A Load Of Hay

I decided to cast on for another Fishknits Yarn mini skein cowl. I love these colors! I’ve got ninety stitches on a 16″ size 4 needle and nothing but plain knitting. I splice the ends of the yarn when I come to them, I knotted them together when winding them into one cake of yarn.Continue reading “Another Cowl And A Load Of Hay”

Done. Done. And Done.

Done! The beginning is now grafted to the ending and it needs a soak in Eucalan and then blocked. I have another set of six mini skeins for another cowl and I might as well cast that on to keep on hand for simple, on-the-go knitting. I enjoyed this project a lot and look forwardContinue reading “Done. Done. And Done.”

So Close

What is it about the last inch or so of a project that seems to take longer than you think it will? Sigh. I will finish this thing. This afternoon. No more interruptions. What an interesting day it’s been and it’s not even 1 pm yet! First of all Fancy Nancy Pelosi is not seekingContinue reading “So Close”