It’s Monday…

Slept like the dead last night, struggled to get moving this morning. Brad made coffee and then headed to the farm to pick up the grandsons for a visit. He returned with smoothies and breakfast cookies for the two of them and breakfast croissants for the two of us. He is now making a secondContinue reading “It’s Monday…”

The Struggle Is Real

So, I have a pair of socks on the needle and the Prayer Shawl to work on as well. But. This yarn has been calling my name for days. That ball of yarn is a half pound of 2-ply, hand-spun, mystery wool. I bought a full pound of the fiber from a little shop inContinue reading “The Struggle Is Real”

It’s A Beautiful Morning!

It’s 81° and mostly sunny this morning. According to the weather dude we should miss the triple digit temps today. I ran water thru the new coffee maker to make sure it’s clean inside then Brad prepped it for a full pot of coffee before heading to town to pick up breakfast croissants for theContinue reading “It’s A Beautiful Morning!”

It’s Monday…

Been UA (Unauthorized Absence) for a few days. Yeah, the military doesn’t use AWOL anymore. So. I’m back. And, no. I’m not in the military, but my dad was, as were most of my cousins, several uncles, my father-in-law and my daughter, so. There you have it. I tend to use military acronyms for everydayContinue reading “It’s Monday…”

A Blessed Monday Morning

Greetings, friends! It’s a gorgeous, sunny, crisp day in NE Texas this morning. We are enjoying some actual winter-like weather after weeks of very warm, fall-like weather. Brad and I slept in this morning. He woke me up making coffee. The neighbors dog barked her head off until after 2 am. Such is life. IContinue reading “A Blessed Monday Morning”

Cool Mornings & Fluffy Bathrobes

I haven’t had a fluffy bathrobe in ages, and I hate shopping for clothes in stores these days, so I ordered something from Land’s End. It’s great! There is nothing like waking up to a 65° house and grabbing a warm bathrobe while the coffee is brewing and the house warming up. So, here IContinue reading “Cool Mornings & Fluffy Bathrobes”

Good Morning, Monday!

Temps were supposed to be in the mid 40’s last night. Ahem. Right. Once again, we set the heat pump on regular heat setting and go to bed only to wake up and discover it’s 35°…after the sun is up! I don’t like the idea of the system struggling during the night when we couldContinue reading “Good Morning, Monday!”