Busy Day

I spent the better part of my afternoon putting away the clutter in my studio and doing a little excavating for a couple of things I needed. It’s much easier to get around and find what I need as well as having more room to work. I found my large stainless steel dye pot andContinue reading “Busy Day”

Where Did The Time Go?

This day has flown by and here it is after 11:00 pm! It’s been raining for several hours and we are enjoying the soothing sound of rain on the roof. We haven’t done much today. I made chicken salad for sandwiches for our lunch and Brad drove in to pick up pizza for dinner. He’sContinue reading “Where Did The Time Go?”

Aftermath of the Storm

We had some severe weather last night and the storm warning lasted until 1:00 am. There were folks without power, tree limbs down, hail damage all around us but we weathered it well. I took this photo a couple of hours before the storm hit, trying to get a good shot of the setting sunContinue reading “Aftermath of the Storm”

Home Improvements

This door leading to the utility room and one of the bedroom doors wouldn’t shut properly and were catching at the top of the jamb. Son-in-law David came out with the two older boys and took care of the problem for us. While they were here they loaded the riding mower and a cart thatContinue reading “Home Improvements”

Windy April Day

The wind is back with a vengeance today. I had to take the flag down before it was ripped off the side of the garage and I closed both overhead doors. I left the north and south side doors open to air out the garage and it looks a little strange not to see myContinue reading “Windy April Day”

End of the Month, End of the Day

It’s after 10:00 pm, last day of March. The wildlife was out at dusk and I can hear the barred owls now. I’ve been busy all day and just realized I hadn’t posted anything. I finished my first purple variegated washcloth as well as “Separation of Power” by Vince Flynn. The secret is out andContinue reading “End of the Month, End of the Day”

Where Did March Go?

I happened to glance at the calendar on the wall in the living room and realized…we are almost out of month again. Wow. There goes March! Easter Sunday will arrive before we know it. I think it’s on April 17th this year. It was pretty windy again today so I stayed in the house exceptContinue reading “Where Did March Go?”

Hold Onto That Hat!

The wind is out of the East today and bending the tops of the Ash trees. It’s warm and partly cloudy, in the lower 70’s today with rain on the way after midnight. Good day to stay indoors and putter around. I’ve got my largest stock pot on the top of the stove, filled withContinue reading “Hold Onto That Hat!”

A/C in March, Welcome to Texas

The weather warmed up rapidly today and we ended up turning the heat off and the A/C on this morning. It’s in the low 80’s and a bit too warm to have the house open at the moment. It’s not particularly humid and there is a bit of a breeze, but we both like aContinue reading “A/C in March, Welcome to Texas”