Fourth Sunday of Advent

Once again I find myself wondering where the time has gone. Here we are, it’s the Fourth Sunday of Advent and a week from now is Christmas Day. Wow. My week of being on my feet more often and making sure I get as many ‘steps’ in as possible during each day has finally caughtContinue reading “Fourth Sunday of Advent”

Taking it Easy

Allergies are kicking my butt this weekend and I had to get my Relief Band out and charge it. Sure helps with the nausea from sinus drainage until my allergy meds can kick in. At least I’m able to enjoy my knitting and reading. Brad’s back down at his shop cleaning and sorting. He’s gotContinue reading “Taking it Easy”

Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!

I pray all ya’ll are having a Blessed Christmas with family and friends, eating too much food and playing with the kids and grandkids. It’s 80° here in NE Texas and yes, the A/C is still on. Weird. But such is life! We had Christmas brunch at the Blankenship house, consisting of scrambled eggs withContinue reading “Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!”

Christmas Eve at Home

Brad and I are staying in this Christmas Eve, as are Audrey, David, and the kids. We’re all still getting over coughs and colds and don’t want to share our germs with the folks at church, so no Christmas Eve services or Mass for us. That’s OK! We’re feeling better, we have all we needContinue reading “Christmas Eve at Home”

A Quiet Day at Home?

What started out as a quiet morning turned into a noisy, distracting afternoon. I was able to have the house open for quite awhile, it’s 72° outside at 3:40 pm. But for the past two hours one of our neighbors to the south and west of us has been target practicing…less than a quarter ofContinue reading “A Quiet Day at Home?”

80° For Christmas? In Texas?

When we think of Christmas in Texas this is what we have in mind. We don’t get much snow to speak of but we do get an occasional ice storm or a bit of freezing rain. Actually, this photo is from November 2019. Still. December…cold weather…yeah, not always. The forecast for Christmas Day in ourContinue reading “80° For Christmas? In Texas?”

December is Here!

It’s the first week of Advent, the first day of December. Wow. How did that happen? I blinked and missed something. Life has a habit of doing that, jumping up and catching me unaware of how quickly time has passed. Again. I was just thinking that this week would be a good time to putContinue reading “December is Here!”