So Much For A Winter Storm

We’ve had a little moisture, not much. It’s above freezing now. I guess most of the winter storm went north of us. All in all, it’s been a bit of a blah day here. I’ve finished the last dishcloth and put it in the drawer with the rest of them. That’s eighteen new washcloths forContinue reading “So Much For A Winter Storm”

There Is No Local News Anymore

Rant alert! I used to watch the top local news station in our area, KXII, until they went all ‘woke’ with propagating the Left’s lies about Jan 6, 2021. So, I switched my browser homepage to the other local station, KTEN, until they came up with this nonsense: “Fact Check: The various flavors of dishonestyContinue reading “There Is No Local News Anymore”

Rewind for Sunday Morning

Brad’s plans changed this morning and he returned home before he got to the farm to pick the kids up for church. He was having back spasms that wouldn’t let up, probably as a result of all the work he’s been doing cleaning and rearranging in his shop. Good news is the problem was easilyContinue reading “Rewind for Sunday Morning”

Possibly A Hand Towel

As I began working with the white coned cotton I quickly realized that it is a bit thicker and fluffier than the variegated blue I used before. I’m making a point to keep my gauge more relaxed so my hands don’t bother me, and when I laid this one out on a pillow to measureContinue reading “Possibly A Hand Towel”

Christmas Eve at Home

Brad and I are staying in this Christmas Eve, as are Audrey, David, and the kids. We’re all still getting over coughs and colds and don’t want to share our germs with the folks at church, so no Christmas Eve services or Mass for us. That’s OK! We’re feeling better, we have all we needContinue reading “Christmas Eve at Home”

A Quiet Day at Home?

What started out as a quiet morning turned into a noisy, distracting afternoon. I was able to have the house open for quite awhile, it’s 72° outside at 3:40 pm. But for the past two hours one of our neighbors to the south and west of us has been target practicing…less than a quarter ofContinue reading “A Quiet Day at Home?”

80° For Christmas? In Texas?

When we think of Christmas in Texas this is what we have in mind. We don’t get much snow to speak of but we do get an occasional ice storm or a bit of freezing rain. Actually, this photo is from November 2019. Still. December…cold weather…yeah, not always. The forecast for Christmas Day in ourContinue reading “80° For Christmas? In Texas?”

December in Texas: A/C or Heat?

It’s December 17th. Most people would have their furnace on about now. What’s that you say? It’s 75° outside? In Texas? In December? Yup. Sad, but true. And not a nice 75° either, but a muggy, it’s going to rain any minute 75° day. So, we’ve had the A/C on for a couple of daysContinue reading “December in Texas: A/C or Heat?”

Baking Prep And Homemade Chicken Broth

I’m in the mood to do some baking and I’ve assembled the ingredients for a batch of oatmeal cookies. I found a recipe in my parish cookbook and I’ll substitute dried cranberries and sliced almonds for the raisins and pecans. If they turn out the way I hope then I’ll make more for Audrey, DavidContinue reading “Baking Prep And Homemade Chicken Broth”