More Hand Towels

The first hand towel that I knitted with this pattern was white with yellow and blue stripes. I decided to do a yellow one and blue one as well and add them to the dishcloths for Audrey’s kitchen. I have plenty of yarn to work with. These towels will have the fold-over tab and aContinue reading “More Hand Towels”

Successful Trip

It’s good to be home after the trip to pick up the puppies. I totally forgot to take photos when we took them out to the farm. It worked out better for Brad and I to drive to Savoy and pick them up and take them to the farm instead of Audrey and the kidsContinue reading “Successful Trip”


Tomorrow is the day! We pick up the puppies at the breeder. Audrey talked to his wife on the phone today and she emailed photos of the two female pups they set aside for us. We are all very excited and Audrey is beside herself. Brad and I are relieved that finding pups was thisContinue reading “Puppies!”

It’s Monday…

Been UA (Unauthorized Absence) for a few days. Yeah, the military doesn’t use AWOL anymore. So. I’m back. And, no. I’m not in the military, but my dad was, as were most of my cousins, several uncles, my father-in-law and my daughter, so. There you have it. I tend to use military acronyms for everydayContinue reading “It’s Monday…”


My favorite irises have finally bloomed! I brought these home from the family farm many years ago, some that my mother-in-law grew in her yard. I think of her every time I see iris in bloom. Continuing my purple theme is the finished hand towel for my bathroom. It’s perfect and I’ll probably make anotherContinue reading “Purple!”


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