What A Difference A Day Makes

OK, then! Let’s get this show on the road and pick up where I left off, except I’m no longer feeling like crud and no longer bored. Reset!

First of all, I’m not the only one in the house battling the crud. I’m a lot better but I had to go in and pick up a couple of Rx meds for Brad at the pharmacy a little while ago. We both know where this is headed. Namely, his lungs. He caught it early and the doc called in a steroid pack and an antibiotic to keep him out of her office…and the hospital. He had pneumonia once several years ago and ever since when he gets drainage and sinus crud that won’t clear up it tends to turn into bronchitis. He’ll feel a lot better tomorrow which is a good thing since he has a meeting with his new Chief at Oak Ridge P.D. and I’m very happy for him.

On my trip to town I picked up an order from Albertson’s that I placed online. Last. Time. I’m. Done. Their app sucks, the guy I had to call in the store was rude. If I need anything from that store again I’ll go in person and get it myself. When I tried to check in I got the same stupid message as the last two times: Your order has been picked up or the window for pickup has expired. No. And no. There is no phone number listed at any of the pickup slots in the parking lot. I still had a number saved on my phone though. I have since deleted that phone number and the app from my phone, and a payment method from their website.

Albertson’s is the closest grocery store and more convenient for us coming in to town from the east side of the county. Walmart is the farthest for us but they are always ready when I arrive, my order is correct, and I’m rarely there longer than five minutes. Everything that we keep on hand from yogurt, cheese slices, frozen dinners and several other things Walmart always has in stock. Not Albertson’s. So be it! Walmart it is!

Brad needed something on his stomach to take his meds when I got back with them so I grabbed a couple of eggs, some sliced, smoked turkey and extra sharp cheese slices and started my Pat Muffins. He toasted the English muffins for me and we had a late afternoon bite to eat. It was great! We’ll have some hot soup later so he can take another dose before bedtime.

I had totally forgotten about the extra supplements I was taking last summer: Vit C, Vit D3, Vit E, Co Q 10 and Zinc. I had stopped taking them prior to having a colonoscopy back in the fall and simply forgot to start taking them again since I store them separately from my vitamin packs from Melaleuca. I have remedied that mistake and I’m getting all my supplements now which is probably why I feel so much better today. I took them with my evening meal last night and will do so again this evening. I slept better than I have in weeks and woke up earlier than usual. My joints don’t hurt and I didn’t have a bunch of sinus drainage first thing this morning.

I’ve been busy all day and finally got around to getting online to post something. It’s after 5 pm already…where did this day go?…and I need to make some progress with Brad’s socks so I’ll work on those this evening.

The sun has been out all day and it’s been crisp and cool outside and much more cheerful than the past few days. Hope your day has been a good one and brought you many blessings.

Published by thenerdyyarnlady

I am a Native Texan, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Catholic Convert residing in rural North East Texas since 1975 when I married my husband and this small town girl became a country girl. I was taught to knit at the age of ten and discovered the writings of Elizabeth Zimmerman shortly after I married. I learned to ‘unvent’ things as I went along, to create my own patterns and generally have a blast with yarn and needles. In the mid 1980’s I explored the idea of spinning my own yarn and eventually got interested in weaving on a floor loom. I have three spinning wheels and a 24″ four-shaft Herald floor loom that I purchased from a friend in the 1990’s. I also enjoy sewing, tatting and making rosaries. I have a work room that contains my fiber, yarn, floor loom, sewing machines, serger and rosary making supplies. I have a spinning corner in a bedroom next to my work room, both with north windows looking toward the creek.

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