The Best Laid Plans…

So, things didn’t go according to plan yesterday. First of all, I intended to have the house open and enjoying fresh air and a nice breeze. Except it was impossible to ignore the awful stench wafting up from the creek…something with mange is prowling around out there. Possibly a scabrous coyote.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is like that disgusting odor. Blech! So much for opening the house! In any case, it had gotten a lot warmer and much more humid. Brad mentioned the sky getting darker back west of us and something about a front moving in. Makes sense. Cold air is pushing warmer air ahead of the front.

Secondly, Brad got to the range at Texas Pistol Academy but his student never showed up. At least he took advantage of the time to do a little shooting with both rifles he took with him so it wasn’t a total loss. I hadn’t had time to get to town to pick up mail and post a package he needed to get in the mail so he did that after he got back home and brought me the tuna salad plate from CJ’s for a late lunch. He’d already eaten before he got home so he wasn’t hungry.

I finished with laundry except for one load that I decided can wait til today. I got the clean dishes put away, beds made, clutter tidied away and nothing else to do this weekend except read and knit. That is I hope I can get some knitting done. I mentioned to Brad that my hands were bothering me and I didn’t enjoy knitting the past couple of days. I figured the weather change has something to do with it and he mentioned he’s had similar problems, just basically feeling clumsy, dropping stuff and trying not to trip and fall. His hands and both knees are bothering him. Sounds like we could both use a good dose of Cryofreeze. It really helps after a hot shower. The CBD oil in it really helps get rid of inflammation.

I had expected my desk to be here by now and Brad called the store yesterday to inquire about the delivery. Seems that the desk is at the local store, but they’ve ‘had problems with a couple of their drivers lately and are short handed’ which I take to mean that there have been ‘sackings’ or something along those lines. I’m not going to get my desk until October 19th! Aaarrrgghh! No fault of the salesmen, they are super. But, dang! Apparently even the furniture stores have problems finding people willing to work.

I know that several area fast food restaurants have had similar problems. The local Pizza Hut manager was explaining to Brad not long ago that these days it seems employees would rather stand around with their smart phones than work! Amazing! When I was a teenager I would never have thought of goofing off on the job. A job meant something! A paycheck meant something! And it’s not just teenagers these days it’s folks in their twenties and thirties as well!

Oh, well! Such is life. There is nothing we can do about it so we might as well focus on things that need our attention. I’ll wait until chances for rain have passed and then see about getting the windows washed. I’ve seen the TV ads for the crystal spray that you use with a garden hose to clean windows and I bet I can find it at Home Depot or Lowe’s. It would sure make things easier and no need to climb a ladder! I hate ladders.

I intended to get the interior of the SUV cleaned but the awful stench outdoors and the rise in humidity made that un-doable. Is that even a word? Un-doable? Whatever. I digress. At any rate we have cooler weather now and plenty of time to get things done outdoors. Speaking of which…time to get moving!

Published by thenerdyyarnlady

I am a Native Texan, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Catholic Convert residing in rural North East Texas since 1975 when I married my husband and this small town girl became a country girl. I was taught to knit at the age of ten and discovered the writings of Elizabeth Zimmerman shortly after I married. I learned to ‘unvent’ things as I went along, to create my own patterns and generally have a blast with yarn and needles. In the mid 1980’s I explored the idea of spinning my own yarn and eventually got interested in weaving on a floor loom. I have three spinning wheels and a 24″ four-shaft Herald floor loom that I purchased from a friend in the 1990’s. I also enjoy sewing, tatting and making rosaries. I have a work room that contains my fiber, yarn, floor loom, sewing machines, serger and rosary making supplies. I have a spinning corner in a bedroom next to my work room, both with north windows looking toward the creek.

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