Winter Storm Coming

It’s getting cold. The wind has picked up, the sun has set and it was looking like winter out there the last time I looked.

It drizzled on us a bit when we were in town earlier for appointments and errands but the temps stayed above freezing while we got things done, fortunately.

We made a trip south of here to Guns N More to pick up a pistol that needed to be repaired. Brad is really happy with the work, and the cost. It’s a S&W semi-auto 9mm that a previous owner monkeyed around with trying to lighten the trigger pull…and managed the exact opposite result. It needed a new sear, the part came in much quicker than the gunsmith expected, and Brad is thrilled to have found a good smith within a decent drive from here. The owners have a wonderful shop with plenty of room to work and a nice sales area as well. They are off the beaten path and away from the main highway and it was a nice drive down and back.

We had Whataburger for lunch and we aren’t hungry enough for dinner yet. I thought we were done for the day and home to stay, but there was a mix up with a prescription I needed filled and we had to go back to town. We made it with two minutes to spare before they closed. I wouldn’t have worried about it if it weren’t for the weather getting bad, but I’d rather have it filled now than having to go in on Friday and not knowing what the road conditions would be.

It was odd. I called at 8:30 when the pharmacy opened, but after the phone rang a couple of times I got a recording that the number had been disconnected. I tried a couple of more times before 9:00 with the same result. So, I went to their website and submitted the refill online, but I never heard back from them before we left to run errands this morning. I guess there was a problem with the phone line earlier.

I tried calling again later this afternoon and I got them on the phone, but I was put on hold and waited for over five minutes and then gave up. I figured they were swamped and I’d just have to make do for now. Brad called and used his cop voice and the next thing I know the scrip is filled and we are on the way to pick it up.

So. All in all it’s been a good day. We both had adjustments at the chiropractor and Brad’s hip and lower back feel much better after dealing with muscle spasms over the weekend. Randy does wonders for both of us. We picked up a couple of packages at the post office on our way back from the gunsmith shop, the fridge and pantry are well stocked, Audrey has plenty of cubes and hay for the livestock so we didn’t need to make a run to the feed store for her.

It was down to 26° by the time we got back home half an hour ago from the pharmacy so I’m glad we are finally in for the day. It’s raining pretty steady now but the ground isn’t cold enough for any precip to stick. Yet. I got another inch done on the sock ribbing and a few more rounds done on the crocheted blue potholder. It’s time for a cup of hot tea and some streaming video. Have a warm, safe Wednesday evening, ya’ll.

Published by thenerdyyarnlady

I am a Native Texan, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Catholic Convert residing in rural North East Texas since 1975 when I married my husband and this small town girl became a country girl. I was taught to knit at the age of ten and discovered the writings of Elizabeth Zimmerman shortly after I married. I learned to ‘unvent’ things as I went along, to create my own patterns and generally have a blast with yarn and needles. In the mid 1980’s I explored the idea of spinning my own yarn and eventually got interested in weaving on a floor loom. I have three spinning wheels and a 24″ four-shaft Herald floor loom that I purchased from a friend in the 1990’s. I also enjoy sewing, tatting and making rosaries. I have a work room that contains my fiber, yarn, floor loom, sewing machines, serger and rosary making supplies. I have a spinning corner in a bedroom next to my work room, both with north windows looking toward the creek.

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