One More Try

I did a thing yesterday. Said I never would. Not again. But, I did. I’m back on Facebook. I’ve learned from past mistakes and will stay away from several people, already blocked a couple to head off problems. But now I can see what Audrey posts on her farm page and keep up with David as well. Both our chiropractor and our naturopath have pages and personal accounts so I can message them if necessary. I reconnected with Jo Dee Fish out in California and it’s nice to be in touch again. I’ll keep it simple. I’ve joined a non-mandatory vax group and a 10th Doctor group. I’m staying out of the knitting groups. Learned my lesson there.

I follow some personalities like Bongino and I can get updates from our local, rural community page as well as the county scanner page. We have a judge running for re-election that Brad and I are supporting, we have one of his signs out at the road, and I sent him a friend request that he responded to in literally minutes. I can keep up with local law enforcement and state officials so that is a plus.

I’ll post links to my blog posts like I do on MeWe and Gab and I can cross post stuff from there, and Bongino’s Locals page, to FB. The non-mandatory vax is a private group so no one outside the group will see those posts. Not that I am shying away from posting my opinions on vax and masks, I’m just not making a huge deal out of it. No need to stir trouble. If people want to wear a mask and get the vax, then that’s on them. I’m weary of so many of them trying to cram it down my throat. I’ll do me, tyvm.

We are watching Forged in Fire on the History channel. They are making cleavers in this segment. I’m amazed at how much I know about making blades! I’m recognizing problems as they occur before the judges get around to critiquing them. Well, I’ve spent a lot of years around Brad and that is one of his loves. I’ve picked up a few things from him…sort of like growing up with a Geologist for a father and skating through his college course!

Speaking of Brad, I feel so bad for him. He’s really feeling the minor surgery after effects from last week. He had a couple of wonky toenails removed and talk about sore and tender! The toes don’t want to flex like they should and he looks like he’s about ready to call it a day. I think he’s gone to wrestle into his socks before getting ready for bed.

He had to get on an antibiotic after speaking with his foot doctor and, as it happens, the thumb he bruised has flared back up again and is infected. Fortunately, the antibiotic will take care of the thumb problem as well. He still wants to get in to see the hand specialist, just in case. I think it’s a good idea. Their office isn’t great about returning calls for people trying to make an appointment, but we will be running errands tomorrow and won’t be far from their office so he can just ‘pop in’ while we are nearby.

I went online to put in an order with the Sherman Walmart for some large trash bags, 45 gal size. The Denison store, and our local Albertson’s, are out of stock and have been for weeks. We’ve got the last bag in the trash can and as luck would have it, there are plenty in stock at the Sherman store so we’re stocking up.

We will pick up the order tomorrow, stop for lunch, and maybe go talk to Verizon about finally upgrading our phones. We won’t have 911 service much longer with the flip phones. Neither of us knows anything about ‘smart phones’ so we need to get some info before making a decision. Brad refers to them as ‘bat phones’. Still cracks me up. I only need a cell phone to make phone calls. I don’t need to get online. I’ve got my laptop for that. But, I’m sure there are a few ‘apps’ that might come in handy from time to time. If I have a better chance of getting texts here at the house it would help me a lot. I can’t do that with my 3G flip phone.

It’s time for a cup of hot tea, wind down from a busy day, and watch the local news at 10 pm in a few minutes, and work on my potholders. Or my socks…

Published by thenerdyyarnlady

I am a Native Texan, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Catholic Convert residing in rural North East Texas since 1975 when I married my husband and this small town girl became a country girl. I was taught to knit at the age of ten and discovered the writings of Elizabeth Zimmerman shortly after I married. I learned to ‘unvent’ things as I went along, to create my own patterns and generally have a blast with yarn and needles. In the mid 1980’s I explored the idea of spinning my own yarn and eventually got interested in weaving on a floor loom. I have three spinning wheels and a 24″ four-shaft Herald floor loom that I purchased from a friend in the 1990’s. I also enjoy sewing, tatting and making rosaries. I have a work room that contains my fiber, yarn, floor loom, sewing machines, serger and rosary making supplies. I have a spinning corner in a bedroom next to my work room, both with north windows looking toward the creek.

3 thoughts on “One More Try

  1. The socks are lovely.

    Hopefully your husband will be on the mend soon.

    I havent been on FB for since the 2019 knitting debacle. I had to get off Instagram also. It was just too much. Maybe your return will be better this time.



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    1. Thank you! He’s doing much better. So far so good on FB. I’m off Twitter and Instagram as well. I try to avoid Youtube as well. I was in several knitting groups on FB in 2019, even acted as a moderator for a bit. OMG! Between that and the whole Ravelry thing I had more than enough. Life is better now.

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