Enjoying Our Saturday Morning

Got a slow start this morning but we have nothing in particular to do or accomplish so we are sitting here in our recliners, sipping the last of our coffee and chatting.

Brad and I talk all the time. About all sorts of stuff. I love it when he gets in gear remembering incidents from his police career. Most of it I’ve heard before and love hearing again. Sometimes he surprises me with one I haven’t heard.

I’m sitting here reading him snippets off of my Gab feed and came across this meme. It’s hysterical and I made the mistake of reading it out loud just as Brad was swallowing a mouthful of coffee.

Brad swears there is coffee in his lungs now…but he agrees…it was hysterical.

We are watching a show on TV about mountain men and wondering if this one guy is going to get his truck out of the snow where it is stuck. And, yes, it’s a slow morning and we have nothing better to do and we are loving it.

It’s amazing what these folks who live up in the high mountains do to survive the winters. They really are quite ingenious in many ways and make do with the basics. Seems like they are constantly repairing water leaks and building on their cabins. The views are spectacular. I admire their determination.

It reminds me of the early years right after we were married and living out here in a one room house. No A/C. Wood burning stove for heat. No TV. Party line phone. One vehicle. Five miles from town. Bad fences. Cows in the yard. Mud so deep in the cow lot I walked out of my slip-on boots more than once. Skunk curled up next to the old hound dog asleep on top of some hay bales in the barn. Ah, memories.

In my younger days I rode horseback all over this area both on our property and along the back roads. I recall hunting for a cow with a new calf on the back of our property. While on horseback I was able to drop a lasso around the calf from the other side of it’s mama. I could get the calf on the ground and worm him, treat his umbilical cord and band him if it was a bull calf, let him up, get back on the horse and ride off in less than fifteen minutes.

I helped my father-in-law with the hay. He would cut it and the next day after the dew was off the ground I would start out with one tractor and the hay rake and after I got most of the field raked he would come along with the other tractor and the baler. Then Brad and I would hook the flatbed trailer up to the pickup and start moving hay to the barn.

I miss those days. I was young and fit and loved the outdoors. Now our daughter is older than I was at that age, managing the family farm and home-schooling her younger children. It’s good to see the family legacy being passed on and it makes all that hard work for all those decades down through the generations worth while. Now I can enjoy being Grandma and being a resource for our daughter and her husband and their children. It’s a good feeling.

Change of subject…

I found another meme on Gab that says a lot about the attitudes of everyday citizens in our country today. People have had enough and are standing up and saying NO! to mask mandates, vaccine passports, shutdowns, quarantines, critical race theory and threats of gun confiscations by this administration..

Governments should not underestimate the citizens. It never works out well in the end. It’s not just in the United States. England, Greece, Italy, Germany. People are gathering in the thousands to protest government tyranny. It may get ugly before it gets better, but it will get better. Never fear. God is on our side.

Published by thenerdyyarnlady

I am a Native Texan, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Catholic Convert residing in rural North East Texas since 1975 when I married my husband and this small town girl became a country girl. I was taught to knit at the age of ten and discovered the writings of Elizabeth Zimmerman shortly after I married. I learned to ‘unvent’ things as I went along, to create my own patterns and generally have a blast with yarn and needles. In the mid 1980’s I explored the idea of spinning my own yarn and eventually got interested in weaving on a floor loom. I have three spinning wheels and a 24″ four-shaft Herald floor loom that I purchased from a friend in the 1990’s. I also enjoy sewing, tatting and making rosaries. I have a work room that contains my fiber, yarn, floor loom, sewing machines, serger and rosary making supplies. I have a spinning corner in a bedroom next to my work room, both with north windows looking toward the creek.

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