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Knitting & Housework

I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished on the cowl the past few days in between housework and errands. And I finally got a decent photo showing very close to true colors on the cowl. I had intended to post something yesterday but we were in house cleaning mode and wanted to get as much done…

Daily Spinning

I hadn’t planned to do any spinning today but I’ve been feeling great, no muscle problems to speak of, so I got in another hour of plying today in a couple of thirty minute sessions, and I am well satisfied with the result. I’m almost an inch into the kettle dyed yarn on the cowl…

Plying Away

I finished plying the BFL/Tussah earlier today and decided to start plying two more full bobbins. I’m not sure without looking it up, but I think the purple singles are Polworth. In any case I’ve got a good start on plying them. Photo seems a bit blurry, I’ll do better next time. I am finished…

Woman of Worth

She seeks out wool and flax and weaves with skillful hands.” Prov 31: 13

She puts her hands to the distaff, and her fingers ply the spindle.” Prov 31: 19

She makes her own coverlets: fine linen and purple are her clothing.” Prov 31: 22

Four bobbins of BFL wool singles, lace weight, 16 oz total
Spinning a 4-ply yarn
Finished 4-ply yarn, 16 oz fingering weight
Hand-spun cotton yarn
Handwoven scarf from hand-spun cotton yarn
Kromski Sonata double treadle wheel on left, Rappard Wee Peggy single treadle wheel on right, antique Walking Wheel in back
Red-Headed Woodpecker hanging out in the Ash grove


Red Shouldered Hawk

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