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Time Off Again

A lot has been going on lately and part of it is health issues and jumping through hoops with members of the medial community in order to have a relatively simple procedure done somewhere that doesn’t force me to wear a mask. The best I can do lately is to keep my anxiety level inContinue reading “Time Off Again”

The Lap Robe Is In Time-Out

The blue lace border wasn’t working. I weighed the remaining yarn after knitting ten lace repeats and I don’t have enough yarn to finish. The only other thing that will work is some white or off white handspun but the only thing in my stash is too fine for this project. I’ve frogged the laceContinue reading “The Lap Robe Is In Time-Out”

Not Much Knitting Going On

Things are finally beginning to wind down after all the home improvement projects, appointments, and errands. We are both staying put tomorrow and enjoying a day off. I haven’t done much in the way of knitting, been a bit tired, and didn’t sleep well last night. The fridge and pantry are well stocked, we don’tContinue reading “Not Much Knitting Going On”

Woman of Worth

She seeks out wool and flax and weaves with skillful hands.” Prov 31: 13

She puts her hands to the distaff, and her fingers ply the spindle.” Prov 31: 19

She makes her own coverlets: fine linen and purple are her clothing.” Prov 31: 22

Four bobbins of BFL wool singles, lace weight, 16 oz total
Spinning a 4-ply yarn
Finished 4-ply yarn, 16 oz fingering weight
Hand-spun cotton yarn
Handwoven scarf from hand-spun cotton yarn

Kromski Sonata double treadle wheel on left, Rappard Wee Peggy single treadle wheel on right, antique Walking Wheel in back

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Red-Headed Woodpecker hanging out in the Ash grove


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